Hello, world

Brian Kerighan is the person credited with writing the first “hello, world” program, since which time it has been used countless millions of times to teach programming in countless languages to countless people.  Whenever I learn a new language I always write a “hello, world” even though I don’t usually need to, it feels like a suitable nod to those who have given so much to computing through the years.

I first started coding some time in the late 1980’s when my dad bought an Amstrad CPC464.  He would buy Amstrad magazines which featured simple BASIC programs that I was able to type in, and in most instances PLAY.  When you’re a kid computer games are cool, but writing computer game was even cooler.  I still call spending hours writing a game which involved chasing an @ symbol that bounced around the screen, if you managed to direct the cursor to collide with the highly mobile and quick @ you won.

I went on in later life to study Computer Science and in 2001 had the foresight to buy this domain name.  Just 14 years later, I’ve decided to start using it!

I’m a geek, and this is the first post on my new blog.

hello, world.